Cool Dinners – the price premium

“If more of us valued food…above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world,” said Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien. But then again he created Orcs, so maybe can’t be relied on for any sensible insights.

On the subject of food and money, we thought we’d compare the cost of a few 2019-friendly menu options with the omnivore originals to see if there is a hit on grocery budgets. We looked at a typical basket of options from Sainsbury’s*, and costed them per 100g/100ml or litre depending on the product.

The Guardian article

  Vegan £ per 100g/ml/l Low cal/fat/ carb £ per 100g/ml/l ‘Originals’ £ per 100g/ml/l
Butter Flora Buttery Spread 500g £0.40p Sainsbury’s Olive Light Spread 500g £0.23 Sainsbury’s Buttersoft Spread 500g £0.44


Milk Sainsbury’s Unsweetened Soya 1L £0.85/l Sainsbury’s Skimmed Milk £0.70/l Sainsbury’s Whole Milk £0.70/l
Bread Hovis Tasty Medium Sliced £0.21 Hovis Lower Carb Deliciously Seeded £0.33 Hovis Tasty Medium Sliced £0.21
Yoghurt Alpro Natural 500g £0.35 Sainsbury’s Low Fat Greek 500g £0.18 Sainsbury’s Greek 500g £0.18
Sausages Sainsbury’s Vegan Cumberland 350g £0.64 Sainsbury’s Reduced Fat Pork 400g £0.63 Sainsbury’s Cumberland Pork 454g £0.33
Pizza Goodfella’s Vegan Stonebaked £0.66 Dr Oetker Yes It’s Pizza Spinach Base** £0.75 Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Crust £0.59
Cheese Sainsbury’s Free-From Cheddar-style slices 180g £1.39 Sainsbury’s Reduced Fat Cheesy Slices 200g £0.48 Sainsbury’s Cheesy Slices 200 £0.48
Rice Sainsbury’s Basmati 500g £1.00 Sainsbury’s Cauliflower Rice 300g £1.25 Sainsbury’s Basmati 500g £1.00
Ice-cream Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie 500ml £1.10 /100ml Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria Chocolate Cookie Dough 500ml £0.60 /100ml Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie 500ml £0.80 /100ml


£6.60 £5.15 £4.95


That's a pretty juicy 33% premium on the vegan versus standard options. One of the big surprises here is ‘sausages’: who'd have thought a shroom dog cost more than a British pork banger?

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*   All prices checked online 8 June 2019

** Not available at Sainsbury’s – price taken from Waitrose & Partners online