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5 ways you can teach your kids about budgeting

Research shows that children who talk about money and are given money regularly to spend and save tend to do better with money when they grow up. Because children are developmentally capable of saving from age 5, it’s important to start building good money habits as early as possible.

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Shared Jars

Are you part of a local community group keen to help vulnerable friends and neighbours with their shopping?

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What can we learn from the world’s toughest savings technique?

We asked personal finance writer, Emma Lunn, to find out more about a savings technique that gives us a simple equation (but a very tough approach) for early retirement. And it could all start with Jars…

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28 muggles in search of a payments app

Organising diaries and payments for a 28-strong group outing to the Harry Potter studio tour was a less than magical experience. But next time, it'll be a lot better.

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HyperJar Ever After

Remember that day when you and your partner, said: “Right, let’s go and live together and share all our household expenses. It’s gonna be fun”?

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Living the dream, on a budget

HyperJar member Ben talks about how to manage money when you up-scale your quality of life but downsize your salary. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of coffee compromise.

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Budgeting, but fresher

2nd year student Nicky talks about student budgeting, the pressure on freshers, and how to manage finances beyond those first hectic few weeks.

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