#ScrubHub – Supporting the NHS

This week we spoke to Amy and Nick, members of a volunteer group in Waltham Forest raising money to make PPE scrubs for local NHS workers. They’re using our Shared Jars feature to manage the money raised and track how it’s being spent.

What is ScrubHub? 

The ScrubHub initiative originally began when Katie Ward, a doctor from Hackney in London, sent a message to her neighbourhood WhatsApp group asking for help getting hold of ‘scrubs’. Scrubs are the sterile gowns and aprons worn by healthcare staff to protect themselves and patients, including from the Covid-19 virus. Someone in the group suggested creating a volunteer force of sewing enthusiasts to make the scrubs, and the ScrubHub Facebook group was born.

Waltham Forest ScrubHub

Amy, a costume designer from North East London, heard about the Facebook group and contacted Whipps Cross Hospital to see if she could help. After a great response from them, Amy set up a ScrubHub group for Waltham Forest.

As more requests for scrubs came through from local NHS workers, the Waltham Forest ScrubHub grew quickly. With an army of sewing enthusiasts ready to help, Amy set up a GoFundMe page with a target of £15,000 to cover the costs of materials and delivery. There are now 109 volunteers in the Waltham Forest ScrubHub group, with nearly £11,000 raised so far.  They’ve delivered around 300 sets of scrubs, with another 432 on backorder and more requests coming in all the time.

The ScrubHub Jar

HyperJar member Nick, who started using the app in January to manage his family's budget, was introduced to Amy by his neighbour Lisu, who helps Amy run the group. 

Nick realised Amy needed a way to spend the money raised that was quick, easy and transparent so he suggested our Shared Jars feature. Shared Jars are like instant digital mini joint bank accounts, allowing up to 100 people to deposit money, spend and leave notes for each other. Multiple people can spend directly from the Jar using their own HyperJar cards. You see a full record of what’s paid in and spent, when it happened, by whom and multiple people can spend directly from the Jar using their own HyperJar cards.

Nick is now the treasurer of the ScrubHub Waltham Forest initiative. Verified contributions from GoFundMe are deposited into Nick’s HyperJar account, which he then moves into the shared ScrubHub Jar. The sharers can all see what’s been deposited and spent and they use the notes feature to give each other more information on what’s been spent or anything else that might be important. 

How to support ScrubHub 

It costs ScrubHub about £15 to make one set of scrubs, which includes the costs of all materials and delivery to the NHS worker. If you’d like to donate, head to the ScrubHub Waltham Forest GoFundMe page.

Got a case study of your own?

If you're using Shared Jars to support a great cause, plan a post-lockdown street party or to shop for friends and neighbours who need to stay at home, let us know. We'd love to hear from more HyperJar Heroes.