Free pocket money card for kids aged 6-17

The HyperJar Kids Card is free to order, with no subscription or upload fees.

Download it, and use our referral code BG10 to get £10 to spend at the British Gymnastics Official Shop


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HyperJar is changing the way parents & kids manage their finances

With a HyperJar Kids Card, children can learn about financial independence. They’ll have their own card to spend in shops and online, but you’ll top it up through your HyperJar account. You can set spending limits and monitor their transactions through your HyperJar app. With a prepaid card, they’ll never be able to overdraw money or access your bank account.

It’s perfect for teaching children about spending and saving — but you still have ultimate control over their account.

Kids can also have their own version of the app to monitor their spend and control their card.




Spend life well with the UK's most awarded Fintech

HyperJar is for adults and KIDS and it’s FREE

Zero subscription fees

Zero loading fees

Zero fees when spending abroad

Zero transaction fees

Unlimited Jars can be shared with unlimited people

Restrict Jars to only work at shops you specify

Or Block Jars or your card to never work at shops or subscriptions you specify

Instant spend notifications

Google Pay and Apple Pay for 13+

How will you use HyperJar to Spend Life Well?


Redeeming your British Gymnastics Reward

Download the HyperJar app onto your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

Next, you’ll need to complete a quick onboarding process to create your account.

Your £10 reward with British Gymnastics will be automatically loaded onto your account when you enter the code BG10.

Once you’ve received your card and activated it, you’re ready to spend!

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