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#ScrubHub – Supporting the NHS

This week we spoke to Amy and Nick, members of a volunteer group in Waltham Forest raising money to make PPE scrubs for local NHS workers. They’re using our Shared Jars feature to manage the money raised and track how it’s being spent.

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Hello, Google Pay

HyperJar just got even smarter: Android users can now add their HyperJar card to Google Pay for faster, simpler and more secure payments.

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Be kind. Plan for experiences. And if you are able to, start putting money aside now for things you want to do or have in the future. Just enough to get you going and give you a goal. Social distancing is only temporary and won’t last forever. “It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.’’

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The Birth of Buffernomics

HyperJar is about building buffers in financial relationships, a vision that came from years of collective experience from HyperJar's founders.

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Shared Jars

Are you part of a local community group keen to help vulnerable friends and neighbours with their shopping?

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Money Advice

For many of us, money is going to be tighter than usual for the foreseeable future. But there are some simple things you can do to help manage a little better.

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Your money and HyperJar

What unsettling times for our personal finances. We're all looking at our income and outgoings and wondering what both might look like in the coming weeks and months

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What can we learn from the world’s toughest savings technique?

We asked personal finance writer, Emma Lunn, to find out more about a savings technique that gives us a simple equation (but a very tough approach) for early retirement. And it could all start with Jars…

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