Seasonal picks with Laithwaite’s Wine

To announce our latest partnership with Laithwaite’s Wine, we celebrate the joys of anticipation and look ahead to some great wines for the coming seasons.

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Butternut Box Prize Draw

Rules of entry to win a 6 month supply of personalised premium dog food for your pooch with HyperJar and Butternut Box.

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10 Tips for healthy eating on a budget

Our friends at Roost share their easy tips for eating healthy on a budget from batch cooking to buying frozen.

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6 Things only dog parents will understand

To celebrate our partnership with Butternut Box we're sharing the little things that make being a dog parent special.

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Are we a nation of money introverts?

HyperJar's latest survey into the nation's money habits finds we really don't like talking about our finances.

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Introducing Morton’s Family Farm: deliciousness delivered

Our new partner is one of the finest food producers in the UK.

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Here we go.

HyperJar launches this week.

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Your money and HyperJar

What unsettling times for our personal finances. We're all looking at our income and outgoings and wondering what both might look like in the coming weeks and months

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Whose round is it anyway?

We’ve had pubs for 1000 years, and the tradition of buying a round probably goes back just as long. But we all know it can get awkward, even among close friends.

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Hello, Google Play 👋

HyperJar is now available to download on any phone - terrific news for everyone who shares spending and money plans with friends and family.

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