Clearer, easier, better money management. In Jars.

No need to switch your main bank account or change where you shop.

It just pays to HyperJar.

What we're doing

We're building tools to help our community control and enjoy their money, in ways unique to each user.

There are many clever innovations which encourage people to spend more. HyperJar is here to make it easy to plan, budget and share money, together. And to make doing this as fun as spending. HyperJar is feel-good planning, conveniently accessed through the mobile app.

We may have the world's smartest payment card and app but our mission is simple: Happy Money.


Join us

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How we make money

We charge merchants a monthly fee for being on the app and take a small percentage of the transactions in and out of the app.

All these costs are borne by the merchants, not by users. It's free to use HyperJar and always will be.

We're building a better way to manage everyday money

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